The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program is developing a multifamily-specific specification that better aligns with the recently developed ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (ESMFNC) program. This will help ensure a consistent framework for federal labeling programs and allow the ZERH-Multifamily program under development to leverage the efficiency and performance levels of ESMFNC. In developing the draft ZERH-Multifamily program, DOE has sought to achieve meaningful energy savings and performance benefits beyond ESMFNC by utilizing cost-effective and market-ready technologies and building systems.

DOE has received initial feedback from partners on the draft ZERH-Multifamily specification, and is now updating the program requirements. DOE anticipates that the final ZERH-Multifamily specification will provide two compliance pathways: ERI and Prescriptive, and that multifamily buildings of any height will be eligible.  The anticipated timeframe for release of the DOE ZERH-Multifamily specification will be in parallel with the release of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home – Single Family Version 2 program requirements.