Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Storm Window and Insulating Panel (SWIP) Campaign are listed below. For all other questions, please reach out to the campaign team at or by filling out the contact form.

What is the purpose of the SWIP Campaign?

I would like to better understand the goals of the SWIP Campaign and how my organization could support or participate.  

The SWIP Campaign aims to accelerate the adoption low-e storm windows and insulating panels. The campaign provides a platform for technical assistance and access to key resources, such as guidance on implementation, best practices for contractors and installers, independent assessment of available storm window products, utility incentive programs, case studies, and lessons learned. 

Who is eligible to join the campaign?

Organizations, including home performance contractors, utilities and energy efficiency organizations, weatherization agencies, manufacturers and others that install or can contribute to advancing the adoption of low-e storm windows and insulating panels are eligible to join the campaign. Still unsure if your organization is eligible? Contact us.

How do I join the SWIP Campaign?

My organization is interested in joining the SWIP Campaign as a Partner.  What is the process? 

Joining the SWIP Campaign is quick and easy. After filling out a quick form, we will review it and contact you to take it from there.

Is there a cost associated with joining the campaign?

Is there a cost or fee for my organization to join the SWIP Campaign? 

Joining the SWIP Campaign is free. In addition, there is no cost to your organization to access resources, technical assistance, or submit for recognition


What are the benefits associated with joining the campaign?

Benefits include access to resources, including guidance documents, case studies, utility incentive lists, and educational webinars to help aid the adoption low-e storm windows and insulating panels. By joining the campaign, you can also:

  • Receive technical assistance.
  • Stay informed of the latest news through the campaign newsletter.
  • Demonstrate your organization's leadership and help build the body of knowledge.
  • Be recognized for your organization's role in advancing the adoption of low-e storm windows and insulating panels, as applicable.

Please contact us via our online web form to reach out directly to the research team.

What is my role if I join as a campaign partner?

What is my role, or my organization's role as a campaign partner?

Types of campaign partners vary, so it depends.

  • Home Performance Contractors: Can add storm windows and insulating panels as an offering. If you are a contractor currently offering or interested in offering low-e storm windows or insulating panels to your customers, the campaign can provide you with information on best practices, energy performance ratings, and product selection guidance.
  • Weatherization Programs: Can recognize and promote the thermal performance and air sealing benefits of storm windows and insulating panels in their programs. If you provide home weatherization services that considers window replacements or enhancements (e.g., low-e storm windows or insulating panels) when appropriate, the campaign can provide you with resources and technical assistance to help you identify appropriate solutions and carry out contractor training, share best practices with your peers, and celebrate your successes. If you don’t currently support window upgrades as part of your program offerings, the campaign can help you assess the value and feasibility of adding this measure to your program. 
  • Manufacturers: Can consider ENERGY STAR and Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) certification, and assist in training activities.
  • Utilities and Energy Efficiency Programs: Can inform the SWIP Campaign of incentives they provide, best practices for implementing storm window and insulating panel programs, and any information developed (e.g., reports, white papers, and guidance documents).   If you are a utility, energy efficiency organization, or program implementer and offer or have interest in incorporating low-e storm windows and insulating panels in your program’s offering, you can find out what other utilities are doing to encourage their use or share your own best practices with your peers. The campaign can also provide technical assistance and training related to efficiency program design and implementation.  

If you would like to explore additional ways that your organization could contribute to the SWIP Campaign, please contact us.

How can I request technical assistance?

 I am interested in low-e storm windows and insulating panels. What is the process to request technical assistance? 

As a campaign partner, you are eligible to receive technical assistance covering topics that may include: installation instruction, best practices, utility program design, weatherization application, and many more. Experts from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will review your request and provide information that may be useful in storm window adoption efforts. Placing a request for technical assistance is simple. To get the process started, access our online contact us web form and our team will respond as quickly as possible.