Headshot of Charles Llenza of the Building Technologies Office.

Charles Llenza is a technology manager and project officer with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), within the Building Technologies Office (BTO) Commercial Buildings Integration (CBI) group. In this position he manages projects that are awarded through the competitive funding opportunity process at BTO. He also manages research and development lab projects for CBI. 

Mr. Llenza has successfully managed many federal rulemakings promulgating DOE energy-efficiency and conservation standards for both residential appliances and commercial building equipment at BTO. Before serving at BTO, he was the EERE project lead for Latin American International programs at the Office of Intergovernmental Programs (OWIP) and former Power Technologies Office. He earned his BSME from Notre Dame University and is a certified Technical Project Officer.

Prior to joining DOE, he served as a project manager/engineer for the Submarine Engineering Maintenance at the Submarine Systems Monitoring and Support Office of the Naval Sea Systems Command at the Department of Defense. Prior to his government service, Mr. Llenza served as a contractor in the analysis, design development, integration and maintenance of engineering hardware and systems for several DOD programs for the U.S. Navy.