Join the Storm Window and Insulating Panel Campaign

The Storm Window and Insulating Panel (SWIP) Campaign aims to accelerate the adoption of low-emissivity (low-e) storm windows and insulating panels by providing a national platform and one-stop-shop for technical assistance and access to key resources, and by recognizing campaign partners that demonstrate excellence in adopting or encouraging the use of these technologies.  

Campaign Partners

Campaign partners include utilities and energy efficiency program implementers, weatherization organizations, home performance contractors, manufacturers, and others. 

Campaign Partner Benefits At-A-Glance:

  • Access to technical assistance
  • Easy access to key resources to support storm window adoption and deployment
  • Listing on the campaign website, as appropriate
  • Recognition opportunity for demonstrating excellence in encouraging the use of low-e storm windows and insulating panels

What is my Role if I Join as a Campaign Partner?

Types of campaign partners vary, so it depends.

  • Home Performance Contractors: Can add storm windows and insulating panels as an offering. If you are a contractor currently offering or interested in offering low-e storm windows or insulating panels to your customers, the campaign can provide you with information on best practices, energy performance ratings, and product selection guidance.
  • Weatherization Programs: Can recognize and promote the thermal performance and air sealing benefits of storm windows and insulating panels in their programs. If you provide home weatherization services that considers window replacements or enhancements (e.g., low-e storm windows or insulating panels) when appropriate, the campaign can provide you with resources and technical assistance to help you identify appropriate solutions and carry out contractor training, share best practices with your peers, and celebrate your successes. If you don’t currently support window upgrades as part of your program offerings, the campaign can help you assess the value and feasibility of adding this measure to your program. 
  • Manufacturers: Can consider ENERGY STAR and Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) certification, and assist in training activities.
  • Utilities and Energy Efficiency Programs: Can inform the SWIP Campaign of incentives they provide, best practices for implementing storm window and insulating panel programs, and any information developed (e.g., reports, white papers, and guidance documents). If you are a utility, energy efficiency organization, or program implementer and offer or have interest in incorporating low-e storm windows and insulating panels in your program’s offering, you can find out what other utilities are doing to encourage their use or share your own best practices with your peers. The campaign can also provide technical assistance and training related to efficiency program design and implementation.