The Building Technologies Office research is helping make buildings become smarter about the amount and timing of energy use and emit less carbon through the Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB) Initiative. The GEB Initiative works to remake buildings into a clean and flexible energy resources by combining energy efficiency and demand flexibility with smart technologies and communications to inexpensively deliver greater affordability, comfort, productivity, and performance to America’s homes and buildings.

The GEB Initiative leads the fundamental research, development, demonstration and deployment of GEBs. The GEB Initiative also convenes and provides a variety of building sector stakeholders – including other federal agencies, state and local governments, utilities, builders, building component manufacturers, scientists, engineers, and more – with the technical support they need to advance GEB capabilities across the country in the residential and commercial buildings of today and tomorrow.

GEB Technical Reports
A series of Technical Reports that evaluate the opportunities for GEBs.
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GEB Working Groups and Other Resources
BTO partners’ working groups drive GEB integration.
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GEB Project Summary
Key BTO projects contributing to GEBs work.
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GEB Roadmap
GEB Roadmap link to external site.
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GEB Blog Series and News Updates

Graphic with four round icons in a row, and a heading under each one: Efficient, Connected, Smart, Flexible. Each has an explanation under it.