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High performance homes are not just the wave of the future. They are here and now and will continue to grow in demand with homebuyers. As Americans are becoming increasingly informed buyers, the urgency for residential architects to communicate knowledgeably to consumers about high performance homes is also growing.  Consumer demand for market options that offer improved comfort, health, safety, resale values, and lower utility bills is rapidly growing.  This course will outline these points in detail to provide architects the information they need to successfully communicate the advantages of high performance homes to the consumer.

This course will provide a comprehensive review of Zero Energy Ready Home construction.  The course will inform architects about the Zero Energy Ready Home Program- standards, value, benefits, and technology, including the business case and detailed specifications.  

This course will provide the opportunity for residential architects to learn about partnering with the most innovative builders in the industry- Zero Energy Ready Home Partners and how those partnerships can provide architects a strategic advantage over their competitors and a stronger value proposition to offer their clients who seek to design and build a home of exceptional quality- a high performance home that ensures outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health and durability.

This course will provide sales training. The sales training will begin with the context for Zero Energy Ready Homes including three hard trengs suggesting a growing interest in this level of home performance and why it will be increasingly important to know how to sell these homes.  The rest of the sales training will address five key sales concepts along with the skills, tools, and practice needed to implement them.  


Presented By: 

Kiere DeGrandchamp, Head of Operations, High Performance Homes