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ZERH Webinar: Invest in Quality; Keep Money in Your Pocket!
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

Quality is not easily defined nor easily quantified. That is, until you hold back $4,500 per home in order to pay for anticipated future failures and realize that’s exactly what you’ve done. It makes more sense to invest proactively in quality — in doing things right the first time – than it does in bleeding away already tight margins long after the home is delivered.

In this webinar, we will explore a model that “flips the script” — identifying the opportunities that come from investing those dollars in better building and management practices to achieve reliable profitability and boost buyer satisfaction. Last year, IBACOS asked builders and developers to put real numbers behind the cost of quality — a methodology that enables an organization to quantify how much they spend on quality-related costs and why. We received feedback from 21 companies during the initial study. In this webinar, we will present our findings on where the opportunities for savings lie in the areas of value engineering, construction oversight, cycle time, cost variance, customer engagement, warranty, employee satisfaction, trade/supplier loyalty, training value/valuation, documentation and execution.

By investing in quality, you can keep real money in your pocket. Money that you can plow back into your business, hire and keep the best people, grow your operations, or have on hand to weather whatever storms may come your way.

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