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ZERH Webinar: Calling All Indoor airPLUS Builders: Join Forces with Zero Energy Ready Homes!
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

As a builder earning the ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS labels, you’re already very close to Zero Energy Ready Home certification, which would place your company in the top 1% of builders in the nation able to demonstrate they can achieve the highest level of performance excellence recommended by the federal government. By earning the Indoor airPLUS label, you have done most of the heavy lifting, and if you’ve already made the Indoor airPLUS 100% Commitment, then ZERH certification is a logical next step. Make sure you are leveraging all the impressive recognition that comes with the branding of ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS, and Zero Energy Ready Home—and make sure you’re getting credit for your additional leadership! Join forces with the U.S. Department of Energy!


Sam Rashkin, ZERH; Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners

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