ZERH Webinar: 2017 Housing Innovation Awards Application Process and Successful Strategies

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2017 Housing Innovation Awards: Application Process and Successful Strategies

Since 2013, the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program’s Housing Innovation Awards have recognized more than 100 homes across the country from the nation’s leading builders providing American homebuyers with homes that live better, work better, and last better. Housing Innovation Award winners represent the very best in innovation on the path to Zero Energy Ready Homes. Earning an award not only provides you the distinction of a national award from the Department of Energy, but also includes a whole system of recognition including a page on the Tour of Zero, recognition in DOE communications, and customized press release templates for your own use. The Housing Innovation Awards provide a tremendous opportunity to earn truly distinguished recognition for your company.

Last year’s award season was our most competitive and we expect this year the bar will be raised again. Zero Energy Ready Home builders already represent the top 1% of all home builders in the country, so you are competing against the best of the best. To give yourself the best chance of earning an award it is important to understand the application process and what our judges will be looking for. To help you out, the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home staff is hosting a live webinar on how to apply for the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards. In this webinar, our staff will take the audience through the application process and point out common mistakes made on applications. There have been some minor changes to last year’s application process so even if you have applied last year, we strongly urge you to join us again. The webinar also gives insight into successful strategies for winning Housing Innovation Awards and grand awards.

Joe Nebbia, Newport Partners
Sam Rashkin, chief architect, Zero Energy Ready Home

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