Technical Meeting: Software Framework for Transactive Energy VOLTTRON 2017

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On May 16 and 17, 2017, BTO held the fourth annual Technical Meeting on the Software Framework for Transactive Energy, otherwise known as VOLTTRON™ 2017. The meeting was hosted and co-sponsored by the PG&E Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, California.

Objectives were to continue to build the VOLTTRON™ user community and to share and learn from applications of VOLTTRON™ that solve real-world problems.  Day 1 of the meeting focused on VOLTTRON™ hardware, applications, and solutions. Attendees learned about ongoing projects at national labs and universities that leverage this open-source platform to seamlessly connect data and devices to make decisions. They also heard from speakers from industry that shared their VOLTTRON solutions. Day 2 focused on the technical details of VOLTTRON™ and included live tutorials with developers, instructional material, and technical deployment details from several users.

Included below are materials from this meeting: the meeting book distributed to participants and presentations given at the meeting, in the sequence in which they were given.