Lead Performer: Cree Inc. – Durham, NC
DOE Total Funding: $2,349,704
Cost Share: $2,349,704
Project Term: August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2015
Funding Opportunity: SSL Manufacturing R&D Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) DE-FOA-000079

Project Objective

This project plans to develop a versatile, low-cost, low profile LED light-module architecture that facilitates the assembly of a variety of high-efficacy, broad-area LED luminaires. The light module will be driven by a novel, compact LED package for a combination of high color rendering index (CRI) and high efficacy over a wide range of color temperatures. To do this, Cree will take a vertically integrated approach to the development of the LED component and light module, optical, electrical, and mechanical sub-systems for optimal light generation, distribution, extraction, and diffusion.

Project Impact

This project will result in a low-cost, high-efficiency optical architecture applicable to numerous high-efficacy, broad-area LED luminaire factors. Cree envisions this technology will proliferate into other retrofit or replacement fixtures as well as developing novel form factors enabled by this cost-effective, lightweight architecture.


DOE Technology Manager: Jim Brodrick
Lead Performer: Eric Tarsa, Cree

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