Presenter: Larry Brackney, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) energy analysis platform, OpenStudio, has made construction and analysis of building energy models easier and faster. The OpenStudio software development kit (SDK) also enables national laboratory and university researchers, along with private-sector tool developers, to effectively create new analysis tools and workflows. This project will develop the first version of DEnCity, a simulation database, and expand OpenStudio’s value to design practitioners, researchers, and software developers. OpenStudio’s year-out goals include achieving comprehensive coverage of all EnergyPlus objects; improved integration with Radiance, CONTAM, and Modelica; isolation of OpenStudio-based applications from changes in underlying engines; addition of measures and modeling components to the Building Component Library; expanded functionality for model articulation, calibration, and optimization; and support for national laboratory and private-sector application of the SDK to create new market-facing tools and services.

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