The Building America Program is hosting a free webinar that will provide an overview of new Code Compliance Brief content on the Building America Solution Center. These briefs help builders understand and meet code requirements while helping code officials apply codes to new and emerging innovations. The Code Compliance Briefs provide code-related information about Building America’s research, best practices, and new innovations to describe how the measures are in compliance with the latest code(s) and standards. The briefs provide notes for code officials on how to do plan reviews and conduct field inspections. These notes help builders and remodelers provide the information needed by code officials for proposed designs and gives jurisdictional officials clear references in code language to facilitate acceptance. Providing consistent information to all interested parties (e.g., code officials, builders, designers) results in increased compliance and fewer innovations being challenged at the time of plan review and/or field inspection. The Building America Solution Center is a free Web tool that describes best practices based on Building America research that can be applied to build, renovate, and sell efficient, comfortable, durable, and healthy homes.