New home construction practices are delivering the most thermally improved homes in history. Low-load homes are a hit with builders marketing energy efficiency, and with homeowners seeking lower energy bills. Field observations tell us, though, that residential air distribution systems are still plagued by installation and performance issues and recent research shows residents want to be more comfortable. The industry continues making strides to improve the efficiencies of space conditioning equipment, but have duct systems been left behind?

As part of Building America's Technology-to-Market Roadmap for Optimal Comfort Systems for Low-Load Homes, IBACOS has been conducting research on a game-changing small-diameter duct system to deliver comfort that could revolutionize residential air distribution the way PEX systems impacted plumbing. The duct system has a simple home-run layout, is more readily integrated within the thermal envelope, and is installed with less cost, error, and waste than conventional systems.

During this Building America webinar, Andrew Poerschke and Robert Beach provided an overview of IBACOS' emerging "Plug-n-Play" duct system and its straight-forward configuration methodology, sharing results from extensive modeling, lab tests, and field installations.

The webinar recording is also available.