It appears almost every opportunity to make the builder business case for Zero Energy Ready Home
(ZERH) includes the question, “what are you doing to engage homebuyers?” Builders need support
communicating the value of ‘zero’ to the American Homebuyer. Now we’re doing something about it
and it begins with the ZERH Innovation Partnership, where the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is
inviting the depth and breadth of manufacturers and associations vested in high‐performance homes to join forces educating homebuyers. To initiate the process, DOE held its first Innovation Partner
Roundtable meeting at the 2018 International Builder Show on January 11, 2018. Twenty participants were asked to address three questions:

1. What lessons have we learned communicating the value of high‐performance;
2. What high‐impact actions would build on these lessons‐learned; and
3. Which of these high‐impact actions should DOE undertake with Innovation Partners?

The details from the discussion are included in this report.