Lead Performer: U.S. Department of Energy – Washington, D.C.
Project Term: Ongoing Program
Funding Type: Direct Funded


This project work is designed to support the planning, management, and evaluation of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Home Improvement Catalyst (HI Cat). The project is designed to use existing home improvement, repair and remodeling transactions and leverage DOE’s Residential Buildings Integration program’s best practices to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency products and practices into the market with assistance from industry partners and energy efficiency program administrators. Elements of this project include:

  • Identifying, promoting, and achieving significant energy savings from one or more "simple to implement" measures that can be deployed and scaled to a high volume of transactions
  • Facilitating market adoption of advanced residential energy efficiency technologies and installation practices
  • Capturing and leveraging transactions that are normally happening in the course of homeownership and contractor/businesses
  • Delivering greater value and superior energy performance for market actors and households
  • Developing a framework and pathways for households to make multiple energy efficiency improvements over time 


The HI Cat initiative is designed to identify the multiple pathways to achieving an energy-efficient home through energy upgrades and speed the adoption of market-ready energy improvements, resulting in greater energy savings per transaction and enabling efficiency gains over time. This enables greater marketplace support for energy-efficient homes within the United States.


DOE Technology Manager: Steve Dunn