Lead Performer: Altex Technologies Corp. - San Jose, California
DOE Total Funding: $199,920
FY20 DOE Funding: $199,920
Project Term: June 29, 2020 – March 28, 2020
Funding Type: Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Project

Project Objective

This project will develop a natural gas driven cogeneration system that has the potential to provide resiliency to electrical outages and have a payback on the order of 3-5 years. The project team is designing a tri-generation system driven off of a boiler burner that allows for high value electricity to be generated and cooling to be produced while using the boiler’s heat exchangers to capture the exhaust heat. This removes the need for recuperators typically found on microturbine generation systems.

Project Impact

This project will make building power, heating and cooling functions completely resilient to grid power disruptions while reducing fuel use and fuel cost.


DOE Technology Manager: Antonio Bouza
Lead Performer: John Kelly, Altex Technologies Corp.