Presenter: Michael Wallander, EcoCity Partners

The objective of the EcoCity Partners’ project is to demonstrate a more streamlined method for facilitating commercial property assessed clean energy (PACE) retrofits. The project is seeking to prove that energy efficiency performance of simple, prepackaged technologies—such as lighting and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)—can be accurately estimated without the need for a detailed energy audit. The project is funding 25 small commercial building retrofits across five building types in Palm Beach County, Florida. A successful project will prove the accuracy of pre-project estimates for multi-technology, prepackaged retrofits, eliminating the need for a pre-project audit without compromising owner or investor confidence. EcoCity Partners will be measuring project results both quantitatively (i.e., number of projects) and qualitatively (i.e., accuracy of results). Intermediate and long-term success will be measured by evaluating replication within the PACE community.

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