The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program relies on a series of roundtable meetings with core stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement that responds to partner’s needs. This year’s Innovation Partner Roundtable was held at the National Association of Home Builders International Builder Show in Las Vegas on February 20th. The objective of the meeting was to engage high-performance product manufacturers and associations to work together on their concomitant interests in zero energy and zero energy ready homes. That’s because all of these industry organization benefit from a superior homeowner experience. For example, insulation manufacturers and associations will enjoy much greater homeowner satisfaction with their product when high-performance windows, advanced air sealing, quality-installed comfort systems are also included.

Building on prior meetings, the 2019 meeting was aimed at building on recommendations from a prior ‘marketing expert’ meeting to initiate a national consumer education campaign that effectively conveys why zero energy and Zero Energy Ready Homes live better.  ZERH hopes to engage up to 200 industry organizations to join this campaign promoting a common message on public facing communication including websites, packaging, signage, social media, and advertising. Working together, we have a real opportunity to drive consumer demand for zero, or in other words, get homeowners to act in their best interest and choose zero.