A dramatic movement to zero energy ready homes is gaining momentum. This includes statewide codes, large developments, and a growing commitment to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) program. In fact, Zero Energy Ready Home certifications have doubled in each of the past two years. Continued progress will rely on an increasing number of HERS raters effectively bringing the business case, technical solutions, and verification services for Zero Energy Ready Home to our nation’s builders. The Zero Energy Ready Home Program Rater Roundtable Meeting is our opportunity for the program to hear directly from raters in the field on what they are seeing, what is working with the program as well as challenges, and opportunities going forward. Zero is too important to fail, so it is critical that DOE listens (and learns) to HERS Raters who deliver the program to builders.

This year’s meeting was held at the 2019 RESNET Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This interactive meeting was a part of the conference’s main program and open to any and all high‐performance home raters to participate, as well as to other interested stakeholders as observers. The following report provides a summary of the discussion including:

  • Current trends in the home building industry
  • What’s working with ZERH and other high‐performance programs
  • What are the challenges these raters are facing
  • What opportunities does DOE have to better serve the rater community and help drive the
  • growth of ZERH