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Sales ... Businesses cannot succeed if the value of their products or services is not effectively conveyed to consumers. The housing industry has certainly figured out how to engage consumer interest in highly visible amenities like larger homes, granite counters, and luxurious master bedroom suites. However, the skills needed to sell the invisible value associated with high-performance homes have proven to be more elusive. This webinar intends to start addressing that challenge. The sales training will begin with the context for Zero Energy Ready Homes including three hard trends suggesting a growing interest in this level of home performance and why it will be increasingly important to know how to sell these homes. The rest of the sales training will address five key sales concepts along with the skills, tools, and practice needed to implement them:

  • Knowledge Matters – how to acquire knowledge needed to make each sales person a product expert
  • Words Matter – how to use a new language of value rather than technical jargon to more effectively resonate with homebuyers
  • Questions Matter – how to ask questions that uncover each homebuyer’s needs so only the most relevant value propositions are used to engage interest
  • Clarity Matters – how to convey compelling benefits by effectively demonstrating contrast with other choices
  • Process Matters – how to put all of the other four skills together into a repeatable 45-second value presentation for each feature identified as relevant to a specific homebuyer

Whether you’re selling ENERGY STAR for Home, Zero Energy Ready Home or any number of other green and high-performance home programs, these skills will be critical. They matter.

Sam Rashkin, chief architect, U.S. DOE

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