Increasing attic insulation in manufactured housing has been a significant challenge due to cost, production, and transportation constraints. This 2014 Top Innovation highlights research conducted by the

U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Residential Integrated Energy Solutions research team (along with industry partners Southern Energy Homes and Johns Manville Corporation) to test and develop a new attic insulation method that involves dense packing the shallow attic space in manufactured homes with blown fiberglass insulation. With this new method of application, installers are able to achieve a much higher attic insulation R-value than is typically installed in manufactured homes.

The simplicity of this dense-pack solution to increasing attic insulation R-value promises real hope for industry adoption and is immediately applicable to the nearly 125,000 new manufactured homes built each year. With widespread adoption, this one measure could save home owners over 6 trillion Btus by 2030, equal to $190 million in savings that would go into the pockets of families with modest incomes. Read about this 2014 Top Innovation.