Project Objective

The overall goal of the Buildings Performance Database (BPD) is to provide public access to high-quality building characteristics and energy consumption data to incentivize, analyze, and validate energy efficiency investments. The project’s objectives for this year are to: (1) significantly increase data acquisition, mapping, and cleansing, including an enhanced process for automated data updates from data contributors and exploring low-cost approaches to get new asset data; (2) publish, license, promote, and support an Application Programming Interface to permit third-party software developers to use the core functionality of BPD; (3) develop a strategic plan for BPD, including quantifiable impact metrics and targets; (4) implement software updates, including enhanced analytical methods and improved usability; and (5) conduct data analysis and publish results for three specific “real-world” use cases.


DOE Technology Manager: Elena Alschuler
Presenter: Rich Brown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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