This Building America webinar, Building Science Advisor — A Web-Based Design Tool to Manage Moisture Risk in Walls, was held on Feb. 7, 2018.

André Desjarlais, program manager for the Building Envelope Systems Research Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, shared this resesarch project.

DOE and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing an innovative, new design tool that will put building science expert advice in the hands of building designers, who want to manage moisture risk in high-R walls. As modern buildings become increasingly more airtight, constructed with modern labor-saving materials, and equipped with air-conditioning, they have become less forgiving to moisture intrusion. The Building Science Advisor (BSA) will provide building science knowledge and advice based on expert experience, field measurements, laboratory tests, and probabilistic computer simulations.

Using the BSA tool will enable building designers to confidently select assembly design characteristics that achieve their design goals with the least moisture durability risk. Links to design-specific guidance will also be provided to help users manage any remaining risk.

The webinar recording will be available.