Presenter: Danielle Byrnett, U.S. Department of Energy

The Better Buildings Residential Program works with residential efficiency programs and their partners to improve homeowners’ lives, the economy, and the environment by increasing the number of high-performing, energy-efficient existing homes in the United States. The program supports activities focusing in the areas of strategic planning support, program information tracking, communications and outreach, program participant communication, and peer exchange facilitation. The program’s goal is to demonstrate at scale market-based programs offering savings of 20% or more to existing buildings by 2020, 25% by 2025, and 50% or more by 2030. The Better Buildings Residential Program has developed a suite of solutions for energy efficiency program administrators to leverage to expand energy efficiency in existing homes according to their budgets, experience, and goals. These resources provide a combination of advice, tools, and data to overcome market barriers in the residential efficiency marketplace.

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