The United States has arrived at a tipping point for zero energy ready homes fueled by advanced building codes, innovative building technologies, improved construction practices, and more educated and informed home buyers. A study released in June 2017 by the Net Zero Energy Coalition reveals substantial growth for zero energy homes, including a 33% increase from 2015 to 2016 in single‐family and multi‐family units and an 82% increase in the number of zero energy projects. Additionally, the Zero Energy Ready Home program has received commitments for over ten thousand certified homes from several large production builder partners and entire zero energy ready home communities.

Much of this progress can be attributed to a small contingent of our nation’s leading builders who continue to demonstrate the technical, cost, and design feasibility for this level of excellence. The purpose of this meeting is for the winners of the 2017 DOE Housing Innovation Awards to share lessons‐learned, key challenges, and opportunities moving forward constructing Zero Energy Ready Homes and to provide feedback how DOE can improve the program.