A dramatic movement to zero energy ready homes is just beginning. This includes statewide
codes, large developments, and a growing commitment to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
program. Continued progress will rely on an increasing number of Home Energy Rating System
(HERS) raters effectively bringing the business case, technical solutions, and verification services
for Zero Energy Ready Home to our nation’s builders. At this meeting, a select group of HERS
raters will gather and share lessons‐learned and key challenges moving forward moving the
housing industry to high‐performance homes.

DOE has held similar events with top executives from leading DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
builders. These meetings provided a forum for these builders to work together to identify
common needs, successful strategies, and other ideas. Similarly, the first DOE Zero Energy
Ready Home Leading Rater Round Table meeting looked to glean feedback from the industry
that often acts as the sales force for the program. Over this half‐day meeting, interest was high
in achieving solutions and in working together with DOE toward a common goal. This report
documents the key results. DOE looks forward to working with a growing group of HERS raters
in the coming year continuing the growth of Zero Energy Ready Home.