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“Last year, I got a check from the utility for $700.”

DOE Tour of Zero: MassDevelopment Devens Green Zero-Energy Community Custom Home by Transformations Inc. infographic: Townsend, MA; 3,168 square feet, HERS score -21, -$30 bill, $3,100 annual, $132,000 saved in the first 30 years.
Key features list: High-performance insulation system for enhanced quiet and comfort, comprehensive draft protection, fresh air system for cleaner indoor air, high-efficiency comfort system, energy-efficient appliances and advanced lighting technology for
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"In our old house, our heating was oil and pellets. We paid $1,500 a year for oil, $1,000 for pellets, and electricity was $2,400 a year. I don’t have any of those bills now.  Last year, I got a check from the utility for $700."

– Transformations homeowner