Photo of Erika Gupta with an event poster behind her.

Erika Gupta is the acting program manager for the Emerging Technologies Program in EERE's Building Technologies Office. She is also the technology manager for the Sensors and Controls Subprogram. Her work at BTO leverages her controls background, focusing on building energy management controls and projects supporting controls for grid-integrated efficient buildings.

She first joined EERE as a technology development manager in the Fuel Cell Technologies Office in 2012, managing projects that could lower the cost of delivery of hydrogen. Under her management the subprogram achieved its delivery cost goal a year ahead of schedule and lowered the cost of hydrogen stations by 40% through innovative control strategies. Her portfolio was recognized through R&D 100 awards and the receipt of an outstanding regional partnership award for the highly successful H2FIRST project.

Prior to joining FCTO she worked in the fuel cell industry as a systems reliability engineer and then as a lead control systems engineer on fuel cell battery hybrid systems for forklifts and distributed steam methane reforming systems at Nuvera Fuel Cells. Prior to that, she spent time as a program engineer at Luminus Devices working on their Phlatlight LEDs. Erika also has a background in reliability engineering and predictive failure analysis.

She attained her B.S. in mechanical engineering at Boston University and M.S. in mechanical engineering, with a focus on control systems, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.