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World-Class Research At Your Fingertips
The Building America Solution Center provides residential building professionals with access to expert information on hundreds of high-performance design and construction topics, including air sealing and insulation, HVAC components, windows, indoor air quality, and much more.

Explore the Building America Solution Center.

The user-friendly interface delivers a variety of resources for each topic, including:

  • Contracting documents and specifications
  • Installation guidance
  • Energy codes and labeling program compliance
  • CAD drawings
  • "Right and wrong" photographs
  • Training videos
  • Climate-specific case studies
  • Technical reports.

Users can access content in several ways, including the ENERGY STAR® checklists, alphabetical lists, a house diagram with selectable components, and an information map. Logged-in users can quickly save any of these elements into their personal Field Kit.

The Solution Center is interactive and community-driven, informed by research teams, national laboratories, building codes, ENERGY STAR®, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home program, industry professionals, and users like you.