The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) offers partnership opportunities, educational curricula, meetings, and webinars that help industry professionals bring research results to the market.

Subject Matter Expert Technical Support

Leveraging the best practices cultivated by the DOE Building America Program, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory manages the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Technical Support activities. The SME technical support responds to the near-term needs of the residential construction industry and provides strategic support through engagement with building science and high-performance construction experts from academia, national laboratories, and private industry. SMEs provide a wide range of support to new and existing construction efforts through small-scale research, technical analysis and review, and mentorship to address industry barriers hindering technical innovation/adoption, the performance of technologies, and design of building systems. A series of publications are being developed to capture the lessons learned.

Zero Energy Ready Home

Through the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (formerly DOE Challenge Home) program, the Building Technologies Office offers recognition to leading edge builders meeting extraordinary levels of excellence. represents a whole new level of home performance, with rigorous requirements that ensure outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability.

Learn more about the Zero Energy Ready Home program.

Energy Star for Homes Version 3

DOE has worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a technology robust label for mainstream builders that ensures comprehensive building science. This is a critical first step and prerequisite to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home.

Developing the Next Generation of Professionals

Integration of comprehensive home-performance design, engineering, and construction skills into the core curriculum of architecture and trade schools is critical to widespread development of high performance homes in the marketplace. Learn about Building America's new roadmap for constructing a comprehensive building science education portfolio to support this effort in universities and industry.

Meetings and Webinars

Successful research needs to reach the appropriate audiences in order to achieve the ultimate market impact goals. View the meetings page to learn about Building America Technical and Stakeholder events, webinars, and research team expert meetings.

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