Building America 1995-2012 Top Innovations

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This page provides a listing of and links to legacy Building America Top Innovations developed from 1995-2012.

Advanced Technologies and Practices

Building Science Solutions

Thermal Enclosure:
Basement Insulation Systems
Advanced Framing Systems and Packages
Unvented, Conditioned Crawlspaces
Unvented, Conditioned Attics
High-R Walls

Optimized Comfort Systems:
Integration of HVAC System Design with Simplified Duct Distribution
Ducts in Conditioned Space

Energy-Efficient Components

Tankless Gas Water Heater Performance

Assured  Health, Safety, and Durability:
Low-Cost Ventilation in Production Housing
Outside Air Ventilation Controller

House-as-a-System Business Case

New Homes with Whole-House Packages

High-Performance Home Cost Performance Trade-Offs: Production Builders
High-Performance Affordable Housing with Habitat for Humanity
High-Performance with Solar Electric Reduced Peak Demand: Premier Homes, Rancho Cordoba, CA
Reduced Call-Backs with High-Performance Production Builders
Affordable High Performance in Production Homes: Artistic Homes, Albuquerque, NM
Moisture and Ventilation Solutions in Hot, Humid Climates: Florida Manufactured Housing
High Performance without Increased Cost: Urbane Homes, Louisville, KY
Community-Scale High-Performance with Solar: Pulte Homes, Tucson, AZ
Zero Net-Energy Homes Production Builder Business Case: California/Florida Production Builders

Whole-House Program Support

ENERGY STAR for Homes Support
DOE Challenge Home (formerly Builders Challenge)

Effective Guidance and Tools

High Performance Home Solutions

EEBA Builder's Guides
EEBA Water Management Guide
Attic Air Sealing Guidelines

High Performance Home Metrics

National Residential Efficiency Measures Database
House Simulation Protocols (the Building America Benchmark)

Research Tools

Building Energy Optimization Analysis Method (BEopt)
Model Simulating Real Domestic Hot Water Use

Infrastructure Development

Informing the Codes and Standards Process

Building Science-Based Climate Maps
Vapor Retarder Classification
Unvented Crawlspaces Code Adoption
Thermal Bypass Air Barriers in the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code

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