The Building Technologies Office (BTO) has announced the availability of $4 million for the Commercial Buildings and Energy Codes Field Studies funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001532). This funding opportunity seeks to develop and test a methodology for identifying the commercial energy code requirements that can provide the maximum cost-effective energy and cost savings through increased compliance. The methodology will be tested in selected building types and climate zones. Quantifying the energy savings will create the foundation of a business case for private investors, especially utilities, to fund programs aimed at increasing compliance. Currently empirical data to support such an investment doesn’t exist.

The FOA includes the following topics:

  1. Commercial buildings field study
  2. Expansion of DOE's residential single family energy code field methodology to low-rise multifamily buildings
  3. Exploration of energy code life-cycle impacts in municipal building portfolios

This FOA will expand on BTO's ongoing field study in the residential sector to the much more diverse commercial sector.

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  • Submission Deadline for Full Applications: April 11, 2016 5 p.m. ET
  • Questions about FOA: email