This report presents the Building America Research-to-Market Plan (Plan), including the integrated Building America Technology-to-Market Roadmaps (Roadmaps) that will guide Building America’s research, development, and deployment (RD&D) activities over the coming years. The Plan and Roadmaps will be updated as necessary to adapt to research findings and evolving stakeholder needs, and they will reflect input from DOE and stakeholders.

Building America developed the Plan and Roadmaps to help tightly focus program efforts on developing effective solutions to building science problems that work so well for the housing industry that they become standard practice. Effective RD&D activities that are well coordinated with industry and deployment programs will fill critical research and information gaps to enable rapid market adoption of high-performance home technologies and best practices.

Successful implementation of these roadmaps will involve the following:

  • Using codes and standards improvements as end points for the greatest long-term market impact.
  • Engaging key industry and market stakeholders in the RD&D process to ensure market relevance.
  • Providing clear program objectives for each critical challenge.
  • Developing cost-effective, high-performance solutions that are practical and profitable for builders and home improvement contractors.
  • Linking RD&D efforts with market deployment programs and codes and standards initiatives.
  • Disseminating best practices and lessons learned using the Building America Solution Center (BASC) and other deployment tools and websites.
  • Managing technical and business risks to minimize problems of adoption.

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