Words are a big deal. A very big deal. With that in mind, DOE has worked extensively with housing industry representatives and building science experts over the past year compiling a new building science glossary that translates technical jargon into an improved consumer experience. Now there is a huge ‘collective impact’ opportunity to more effectively convey the value of high-performance homes to consumers and the media using these ‘power words.’ It’s about time, because this value is too little understood.

More importantly, this content is currently being integrated into the Building America Solution Center for maximum accessibility and as part of a sales tool that will produce customized fact sheets, itemizing long lists of compelling innovations relevant to a specific home or project based on ‘power words’ from the glossary.

Lastly, please recognize that the Building Science Translator will always be a ‘work in progress.’ DOE looks for the community of users to provide ongoing feedback for improvement based on experience and other inspiration. DOE will apply a rigorous review and integration process for all recommended changes.

download the Translator report below