The Section 179D commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deduction has been updated as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. This website will be updated when additional guidance is available. Please visit the Internal Revenue Service Inflation Reduction Act website for current information.

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Local school districts can take advantage of the 179D Commercial Buildings Energy-Efficiency Tax Deduction to reduce the costs of qualifying improvements or construction when the tax deduction is allocated to the person primarily responsible for the system's design.

The following information is still applicable for properties placed into service on or before December 31, 2020. Updated information will be made available in the coming months for properties placed into service on or after January 1, 2021.

A tax deduction up to $1.88 per square foot is available to owners of new or existing buildings who install (1) interior lighting; (2) building envelope, or (3) heating, cooling, ventilation, or hot water systems that reduce the energy and power cost of the interior lighting, HVAC, and SHW systems by 50% or more in comparison to a building meeting minimum requirements set by ASHRAE Standard 90.1. Cost savings must be calculated using qualified computer software.

Deductions up to $0.63 per square foot are available to owners of buildings in which individual lighting, building envelope, or heating and cooling systems partially qualify by meeting certain target levels or through the interim lighting rule.