The Wood Heater Design Challenge series of workshops will bring together stakeholders from across the world to discuss topics related to R&D advances in wood heater research, specifically related to residential heating. The purpose is to engage leaders and engineers of the wood heater industry along with academics, experts and others by creating forums that they can have input to.

The workshops are designed to include short presentations around a topic and then include an open discussion related to a topical area. These workshops will be interactive, and participation is highly encouraged!

Workshop 3: Adoption of New Wood Heater Technology and Integration with Other Renewables

The third workshop of the Wood Heater Design Challenge discusses the adoption of new wood heater technology and integration with other renewables, delves into barriers to adoption and how wood heaters could play a more long term role as a renewable energy option. What technologies are most likely to be incentivized? How can they interconnect with other renewables at the household level, or the community level? Where will wood heat be the most price competitive?

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