Interested in joining an incredible team that shapes our nation’s bioeconomy? Do you want to work with industry, academia, and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory researchers to develop and scale up sustainable bioenergy technologies capable of producing bioproducts and drop-in biofuels from domestic biomass and waste? Then consider joining the Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO).

We’re looking for the best and brightest! Please share the following announcements with anyone who may be interested.

Internal Positions at BETO  

There are no positions open at this time. 

Recently Closed Positions

1) Deputy Director

DOE BETO is looking for a motivated individual to co-manage the development, implementation, and evaluation of a national bioenergy technologies program. This individual should have experience in research and development project management, strategic planning, and industry and community outreach and coordination. The major duties of this role include:

  • Serves as Deputy Director. In this role, the incumbent co-manages the development, implementation, and evaluation of a national bioenergy technologies program including strategic planning, research, development, demonstration, and regulatory strategies. Supports the formulation and integration of the scientific, engineering, and technical requirements and market analysis necessary to structure an effective bioenergy research and development program. Establishes budgetary needs, approves, and manages the distribution of funds, and oversees implementation of projects. (35%)
  • Identifies and interprets legislative requirements for bioenergy technologies and supports the implementing activities that satisfy these needs. Oversees the development and implementation of the bioenergy multiyear program plan; the review, evaluation, and modification of technology performance; and coordinates with the Federal Energy Management Program to demonstrate the technologies at DOE sites and Federal facilities. Facilitates Federal efforts to integrate and coordinate bioenergy research, development, and demonstration programs, including support of the Biomass Research and Development Board and Operations Committee as defined by the Biomass R&D Act of 2000. (25%)
  • Provides programmatic considerations for analysis and support of planning and policy development and provides policy and analytical support to the Director and other senior officials on bioenergy technologies. (10%)
  • Interacts with relevant DOE staff and identifies those institutional or managerial requirements that may impact biomass technologies and programmatic needs, identifies basic issues involved and develops programmatic position concerning these issues. Integrates and coordinates the activities of BETO with those of other DOE and Federal Offices to better meet the needs and priorities established by the Administration. Assists in the development of inputs to DOE senior leadership, White House, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accounting Office and Congressional committees and subcommittees. (15%)
  • Manages and supervises staff through subordinate supervisors, builds and promotes a work culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and maximizes the talent of its members. Assigns and evaluates work in fair and equitable manner, gives advice, council or instruction to employees on technical and administrative manners, and supports professional development of all staff. Ensures that all recruitment actions provide for a fair and open competition and are advertised broadly to increase diversity of applicants. Addresses and negotiates resolutions to group grievances or serious employee complaints using approved dispute resolution techniques. If needed affect appropriate disciplinary measures. (15%)
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Find details on how to apply on This position is no longer accepting applications

2) GS-13 Physical Scientist/General Engineer for the Feedstock Technologies Team

The DOE BETO Feedstock Technologies team is looking for a GS-13 Physical Scientist/General Engineer to join their team. The Feedstock Technologies subprogram supports applied research and development to cost-effectively transform renewable carbon sources into high-quality, sustainable feedstocks for all types of useful end products including fuels, such as sustainable aviation and marine fuels, products, and chemical intermediates. Eligible candidates should have an interest in decarbonizing the U.S. economy to fight climate change through research, development, and demonstration of new bioenergy technologies. This position is no longer accepting applications

3) GS-12 and GS-13 Physical Scientist/General Engineer

The DOE BETO Systems Development and Integration team is looking for a GS-12 and a GS-13 physical scientist/general engineer to join their team. The Systems Development and Integration team is focused on lowering the risk of bioenergy production technologies through verified proof of performance at the pre-pilot, pilot, and demonstration-scales, thereby facilitating further development and validation at demonstration and pioneer scales by private stakeholders. This position is no longer accepting applications

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