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Join us in San Francisco for Bioeconomy 2018 and be a part of a global effort to grow a sustainable, domestic bioeconomy!  

This year, on November 7–9,  the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) is collaborating with the International Energy Agency Bioenergy and the Biofuels Digest to organize the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) Global 2018 Conference  at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, CA. BETO’s Bioeconomy 2018 will take place on the last day of the conference.

At Bioeconomy 2018, you will hear from experts discussing the most innovative bioenergy technologies and exciting breakthroughs in biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower research.

Bioeconomy 2018 will be broken up into three tracks:

  • Innovative Conversion Technologies
  • Advanced Biofuels
  • Sustainable Feedstocks

To learn more about algae cultivation, feedstock production, landscape design, biochemical processing, carbon resources, value-added products, and many more relevant topics critical to the success of the bioeconomy, you will want to take part in this gathering of the topmost scholars in the bioenergy field. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend forums on fuels and chemicals, hear about the future of the bioeconomy, and participate in structured networking with industry leaders. Speakers will range from laboratory researchers, to industry veterans, to government officials.

BETO establishes partnerships with key public and private stakeholders to conduct early-stage research and development that will produce price-competitive advanced biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower from domestic non-food biomass resources, including cellulosic biomass, algae, and wastes (e.g., biosolids, Municipal Solid Waste, oxides of carbon), to enhance U.S. energy security, improve energy affordability, and advance U.S. competitiveness in global energy and bioproduct markets.

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to be a part of discussions that will shape the future of the bioeconomy. Register today! We look forward to seeing you there.

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Dr. Jonathan Male is the Director for the Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). In this role, he leads the Office’s work to lower costs, reduce technical risk, and accelerate deployment of bioenergy and renewable chemicals technologies. He oversees research and development across the entire supply chain—from sustainable biomass growth and collection to biomass conversion technologies that include biochemical, catalytic, and thermochemical pathways to produce economically viable biofuels and bioproducts. The office’s portfolio of demonstration activities involving public-private partnerships helps BETO staff to evaluate risks and enable industrial entities to move technologies to commercial scale in the emerging bioenergy industry.