Clean Fuels & Products Shot TM: Alternative Sources for Carbon-based Products

Dive deeper into the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE's) Clean Fuels & Products Shot™ at next week's virtual two-day Summit on April 8 - 9, 2024. Industry and laboratory experts, congressional members, as well as government agencies will provide insight on several topics to update the objectives, progress, priorities, and future plans of the Shot focused on decarbonizing the fuel and chemical industry through alternative sources of carbon.

At the summit, Session One will focus on Societal Considerations and Impacts to highlight opportunities to develop clean fuel and product solutions that benefit local communities and address past and current environmental justice disparities. This session will also address energy equity impacts and differentiated regional strategies to prioritize the most impactful research and development.

Speakers for the Societal Considerations and Impacts session include:  


  • Ugbaad Kosar, Director of Environmental Justice, Carbon180


  • Dr. Brianna Farber, Management and Program Analyst, DOE State and Community Energy Programs (Moderator)
  • Dr. Taylor Uekert, Circular Economy Research Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Dr. Shruti Khadka, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Economics of Energy and Environment, Sandia National Laboratory
  • Dr. Rebecca Efroymson, Distinguished Scientist, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
  • Dr. Lis Blanco, Social Science Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

View the full Summit agenda and register now to attend this two-day virtual summit. For more information or questions, visit the Clean Fuels & Products Shot webpage or contact

The Clean Fuels & Products Shot collaborative DOE intra-agency partners include: