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Following the 2009 President’s Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, federal agencies have strived to make information about their operations and decisions readily available to the public online. This transparency has spurred a dialogue with the American people and shined some light on how federal agencies work to improve the lives of the American people.

Our SunShot program is following suit and providing more open information than ever. Over the past six months, SunShot has provided detailed descriptions for more than 200 active and recently finished projects on its website. In the future, the program will continue to add solar energy projects from its archives to be as transparent about its portfolio as possible. In addition, you can see how far-flung awardees are--from Maine to Hawaii--on a new project map.

Active projects in the SunShot portfolio run the gamut, from awardees that are tackling solar and storage to those creating incentive programs for local communities to go solar. Within the SunShot website, you can find game-changing solar startups, cutting-edge lab research on photovoltaics and leading concentrating solar power projects. These are described in detail, with information about how they approach the problem and what innovation they bring to the table.

As this information becomes more widely available, the SunShot team aims to encourage more public participation, increase effectiveness and improve the quality of R&D funding decisions. The more people who know about what the program is working on, the more the team can tap into the broad expertise and knowledge of the American people.

The goal of the SunShot Initiative is to make solar energy cost competitive with traditional forms of energy by 2020. The solar industry has already achieved 70% of that goal. But it will take a herculean effort to achieve the remaining 30%, so participation from the nation’s best and brightest is needed.

Transparency puts the power in your hands. Explore SunShot’s solar programs and projects to find out where gaps are, then figure out if you have an idea that is worthy of our attention. Visit the SunShot funding opportunities webpage to find out what funding opportunities are accepting applications today.