With more car buyers than ever using the Internet to research their future vehicles, accessing information on fuel economy needs to be simple and convenient. To make searching easier on mobile devices, FuelEconomy.gov, which the Energy Department manages with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recently released app versions of its popular Find-a-Car tool for iPhone and Android.

Like the web version, the app features the fuel economy, MSRP, annual fuel cost, greenhouse gas emissions score, and other details for all commercially-available cars in the United States dating back to 1984. For plug-in electric vehicles, entries also list the all-electric range. To find any vehicle, users enter the year, make, model, and relevant options of the car they are looking for.​

Users can personalize their results by specifying annual mileage, percentage of driving in stop-and-go traffic, and local fuel costs. Users can also compare multiple vehicles at a time. The app has some features unique to the mobile experience. Users can now save car models in a “garage,” so that the information is immediately available. Vehicles can quickly be added by scanning the QR code on any car’s Fuel Economy Label.

Beyond the app, FuelEconomy.gov offers a wealth of information for buyers and drivers looking to use less fuel and save money. Within the web version of the Find-a-Car tool, the Power Search allows users to filter vehicles by market class, minimum fuel economy, MSRP, and fuel type. The Gas Mileage Tips section provides information on how to drive more efficiently and better maintain your car, with specialty advice for driving in hot and cold weather. Using the Trip Calculator, users can compute the amount of fuel used and fuel cost for any trip either using a particular vehicle model, or comparing up to three models. If you are looking to sell your car, the Used Car Label allows you to create an electronic or paper graphic just like the Fuel Economy Label specific to your vehicle year, make, and model.

Whether you’re buying a new car or just curious about the miles per gallon of your current one, the new Find-a-Car app makes it simple to learn more about fuel economy. Be sure to check out the app for yourself on the iTunes Store and Google Play.