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Whiteboard illustrations by Sarah Wagoner. Voice over by Dana Bye.


For more than two decades, clean energy incubators and accelerators have been popping up across the country to help more of their regions’ entrepreneurs bring new technologies to market. These organizations provide lab space, business expertise, industry mentors, introductions to investors, and opportunities to test and demonstrate technologies. Cleantech startups need this suite of resources to get their big ideas off the ground.

Recognizing the incredible impact incubators and accelerators have on getting more clean energy solutions to market, the Energy Department launched the National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy. This Technology-to-Market program launched Incubatenergy, the first nationwide network connecting incubators and accelerators to each other across the country. By bringing these groups together, Incubatenergy builds stronger relationships to help drive new innovations from every region forward. Now, startups across the country can easily identify the incubator or accelerator that is right for their technologies, and network member organizations can better guide entrepreneurs toward resources best suited to their needs.

Playing a pivotal role in strengthening the American innovation and entrepreneurial communities, incubators and accelerators can help jumpstart an early stage company. With the help of these organizations, the path to success for startups and entrepreneurs becomes clearer. Members of Incubatenergy have already reported more than $1.6 billion in follow-on funding for supported companies, helped entrepreneurs issue more than 190 patents, and helped clean energy businesses add more than 3,000 new jobs. The collaboration and coordination among these organizations not only bolsters the incubator and accelerator network, but it broadens the ecosystem to help turn more big ideas into real-world products.


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