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There’s a new revolution going on that’s redefining what coolness is. No longer is clean energy just for those who wear socks and sandals (which is very comfortable, by the way). It’s a growing lifestyle that even hipsters can’t hate on. From electric cars to algae surfboards, there’s a ton of low-carbon swag out there to elevate your status in becoming a clean energy baller.

Before we begin, we’d first like to warn you that side effects from the clean energy baller lifestyle include a reduction in carbon emissions (you’re welcome, planet Earth!) and frequent use of the latest technologies while increasing your popularity amongst others.

Four Reasons Why Clean Energy Ballers Drive Electric Cars

There’s always that one guy revving his engine out on the streets just before he floors it. Yeah—totally not a baller. Having a sweet ride is key to being baller, but when did noise, oil changes and slow acceleration become cool? Electric cars have their gas counterparts beat when it comes to things like style, performance, and technology swagger.

1. Electric Cars are Fast

Electric cars are kind of like ninjas—they’re quick, quiet and extremely agile. And honestly, what’s more baller than a ninja? Electric powertrains, offered in plug-in hybrids, fuel cell and all-electric cars, provide maximum torque the moment you hit the pedal. Take Tesla’s Model S P90D with Ludicrous Mode for example. According to the automaker, it goes 0-60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds–making it one of the fastest sedans in the world. That is ludicrous. Ludicrously baller!

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2. Electric Cars Look Cool

No clean energy baller would be caught dead in a car that doesn’t look stylish or help out the environment. These rides are pretty sweet–dare I even say baller? From luxury cars to compacts, these vehicles prove that you can ball at any budget.

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An electric BMW with its doors open.
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3. Electric Cars are High-Tech

Let’s face it, everyone wants to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology and that’s exactly what clean energy ballers get with electric cars. They’re loaded with high-tech features. From apps to autopilots, these cars have it all. Internet-enabled plug-ins have smartphone apps that let you check the charge of your battery. When it’s under 20%, you can even initiate charging. Backing up into that parking space? Use new rearview mirrors that double as a camera. Don’t feel like walking to your car? Some electric cars even have a summon feature to come get you! How baller is that?!

4. Electric Cars Get You VIP Service

Finally, whether you like it or not, clean energy ballers get VIP treatment. People are naturally curious about electric cars so they attract a lot of attention. They’re also cool conversation starters and a great way for you to build up your posse. Now that you have an entourage, skip traffic and take them cruising down the HOV lane—another perk of having an electric car—as you roll right up to the next hot spot. That’s because plug-ins will get you closer to more locations than ever before, including the LA LIVE/Staples Center in California. It currently has 16 electric charging stations on campus.

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