The U.S. Department of Energy presented the 2015 Housing Innovation Awards to 24 industry leaders last night during the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance's Conference in Denver, Colorado. This distinguished recognition is being provided to 27 winning DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, where the awards showcase the very best in business excellence required to deliver high-performance homes. 

The following industry professionals were presented with Housing Innovation Awards:

Winners for Innovation in Affordable Homes

The homes in this category represent one of the most important goals we have—making high performance homes affordable to purchase and to live in for households below an area's median income.

  • Grand Award Winner—United Way of Long Island, Deer Park, New York
  • Green Extreme Homes/Carl Franklin Homes, Lewisville, Texas (Previous winner in 2014)
  • Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Venice, Florida (Previous winner in 2014)
  • Sunroc Builders, Lakeland, Florida

Winners for Innovation in Multifamily Homes

This new category recognizes the growing importance of energy efficiency in multifamily housing.  Applications include buildings with more than two units serving multiple homeowners. 

  • Grand Award Winner—New Town Builders, Denver Colorado (Previous Grand Award Winner—Production in 2013 and 2014)
  • Mutual Housing California, Sacramento, California 

Winners for Innovation in Production Homes

Homes entered in this category are built using stock plans and are reproducible in large volumes. 

  • Grand Award Winner—Mandalay Homes, Phoenix, Arizona (Previous winner in 2014; Grand Award Winner—Affordable in 2013)
  • Grand Award Winner—KB Home, Los Angeles, California (Previous winner in 2013; 2014) 
  • BrightLeaf Homes, Brookfield, Illinois 
  • Dwell Development, Seattle, Washington (Previous winner in 2013)
  • High Performance Homes, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 
  • Palo Duro Homes, Farmington, New Mexico (Previous winner in 2013; 2014; Most Homes Award in 2014)

Winners for Innovation in Custom Homes

Homes in this category are custom designed for a unique customer.

  • Grand Award Winner—BPC Green Builders, Wilton, Connecticut (Previous winner in 2013; 2014)
  • Addison Homes, Greer, South Carolina 
  • Amaris Homes, Maplewood, Minnesota 
  • Charles Thomas Homes, Elkhorn, Nebraska 
  • CVH Inc., Coupeville, Washington—Knigge and Shelley Residences (Previous winner in 2013; 2014)
  • Evolutionary Home Builders, Geneva, Illinois (Previous Grand Award Winner in Systems Category in 2013)
  • Glastonbury Housesmith, South Glastonbury, Connecticut 
  • Greenhill Contracting, Inc., Esopus, New York—20, 26 and 28 Cooper (Previous winner in 2014)
  • Hammer and Hand, LLC, Seattle, Washington 
  • Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, Durango, Colorado 
  • TC Legend Homes, Bellingham, Washington (Previous winner in 2013; Grand Award Winner—Affordable in 2014)
  • Heirloom Design Build of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia 

Winner: Most Homes Certified

During the 2015 awards cycle, Mandalay Homes has built 48 homes that meet the rigorous Energy Department Zero Energy Ready Home specifications. 

Winner: Lasting Legacy Award

The Energy Department's Housing Innovation Awards recognize builders who are transforming the way we build high performance homes today. This award recognizes a legacy builder who has been instrumental providing a foundation for this transformation.  The 2015 winner is John Wesley Miller from Tucson, Arizona.

To learn more about the DOE Housing Innovation Awards, visit the Housing Innovation Awards website. To take a virtual tour of DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes in your climate region, visit the DOE Tour of Zero website