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Energy Department Announces Fourth Round of Entrepreneurship Program at Berkeley National Laboratory

October 2, 2017

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The Energy Department today announced the opening of the application period for innovators to join the fourth cohort of the Cyclotron Road program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Cyclotron Road, one of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs, embeds top technical talent with new ideas within Berkeley Lab as entrepreneurial researchers to address fundamental energy and manufacturing challenges identified by industry.

Energy and manufacturing drive economic growth and job creation, and innovation in these key sectors is critical to U.S. competitiveness. Critical gaps in today's research ecosystem limit innovators' access to training, scientific tools, and research funding needed to develop new concepts and advance ideas into application. The Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs, with a combined focus on both early-stage R&D and entrepreneurial development, enable researchers to ready breakthrough ideas for adoption by the private sector and fill a critical gap in human capital development.  

Cyclotron Road, a two-year post-doctoral research program, supports scientists developing energy technologies that have potential for broad impact on the national, economic, and energy security of the United States. At Berkeley, the innovators will receive access to world-class research facilities and expertise, intensive training, mentorship, and networking from the program team and network of advisors. Each innovator will also be exposed to a wide range of leaders from academia, industry, government, and finance that can serve as advisors or partners in support of their effort.

By leveraging the unique strengths and capabilities of their respective host national lab and regional innovation ecosystem, the Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs are ensuring that federal investments in R&D advance U.S. innovation in manufacturing and energy technologies while contributing to the development of regional economies across the country.

Funded with up to $2.5 million, which is subject to appropriations, DOE plans to select up to six post-doctoral innovators to work at Berkeley Lab. Applicants may apply to this merit based opportunity either individually or as a team. However, successful applicants will be selected based on their individual merits. View the solicitation and submission instructions to apply.  

EERE's Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) supports early-stage applied research and development of new materials, information, and processes that improve American manufacturing's energy efficiency, as well as platform technologies for manufacturing clean energy products.