The Alternative Fueling Station Locator tool, which recently hit 20,000 locations listed, offers drivers several ways to search for and sort information: by location, such as near a specific address or zip code, or by vehicle technology.

Thanks to the Energy Department’s Alternative Fueling Station Locator tool, it’s easier than ever for drivers of alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles to find a place to fill up. This is due, in part, to hitting a recent milestone of more than 20,000 locations listed. The Station Locator, which is part of the Alternative Fuels Data Center, provides comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date information on fueling stations for biodiesel, compressed natural gas, electricity, E85 (up to 85% ethanol), hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, and propane.

The Station Locator offers drivers several ways to search for and sort information: by location, such as near a specific address or zip code, or by vehicle technology. While most drivers only require information on the 16,000 public stations listed, some fleet managers may need to know about the nearly 4,000 private stations as well. Beyond the basics, some technologies offer even more detailed search options. For example, if a user selects electricity, they can filter by specific charger types (like DC fast charging or Level 2 charging) or charger network.

Once a user narrows down their interest to a single station, the listing provides detailed information such as the station’s address, the hours, and accepted payment methods. Some stations that sell specific fuels may provide further details, such as the fill speed for compressed natural gas.

Drivers on the go even have tools made just for them. Using the “Plan a Route” function, drivers can search for stations along a specific route between two destinations. The Station Locator is also available as a mobile website and iPhone app.

To ensure the most accurate data possible, the Energy Department’s Clean Cities program works with local partners and trade associations to regularly update the information. Every station is contacted at least once a year to confirm the accuracy of its listing. In addition, Clean Cities partners with a number of charging networks, including Blink and ChargePoint, to have their stations provide a daily feed to the Station Locator. This unique partnership allows the systems to automatically add data and temporarily remove stations if there are maintenance problems. 

The Station Locator also provides a number of ways for users to interact with and analyze the data on their own. Users can suggest new stations or edits to existing stations, which the Clean Cities team checks for accuracy before posting. Web managers can easily embed custom versions of the Station Locator on their own websites. They can also build their own maps or tools using the Station Locator’s API. Data wonks can download and sift through the raw information with our Data Download page, which also includes downloads on alternative fuel laws and incentives, truck stop electrification locations, and alternative fuel vehicles.

No matter what type of alternative fuel vehicle you drive, the Alternative Fueling Station Locator provides essential information to help you fuel up and get where you want to go.