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How can EERE analysis provide data and information to state and local actors to empower them to pursue clean energy solutions? We provide foundational datasets and web-accessible tools for EERE decision-makers and the public. See below for published analysis that can empower a range of decision makers.

See Data and Tools for additional web-based resources. See Cities Leading through Energy Analysis and Planning for resources to empower city decision makers.

Recent Analysis

Barriers and Opportunities to Broader Adoption of Integrated Demand-Side Management at Electric Utilities: A Scoping Study
This report explores recent electric utility experience with integrated demand-side management to provide an assessment of barriers and benefits.
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Variable Renewable Energy in Long-Term Planning Models: A Multi-Model Perspective
This report discusses the various methods for treating variable renewable energy (primarily wind and solar photovoltaics) among four modeling teams.
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2017 Standard Scenarios Report: A U.S. Electricity Sector Outlook
This report summarizes 26 forward-looking “standard scenarios," which are designed to capture a range of possible U.S. power system futures.
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2017 Annual Technology Baseline
The ATB is a transparent set of current and projected technology cost and performance data for electricity generation technologies.
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Additional Analysis

Demand Response Advanced Controls Framework and Assessment of Enabling Technology Costs
This research presents a framework for the costs to automate demand response & provides descriptions of various elements that drive enablement costs.
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State Level Electric Energy Efficiency Potential Estimates
740,985 GWh of cost-effective, electric energy efficiency potential is available nationwide from 2016 to 2035, with savings available in every state.
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Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing
The Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing will help policymakers & industry gain deeper understanding of global manufacturing of...
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City Energy: From Data to Decisions
See case studies demonstrating how cities have used Cities-LEAP data and analysis to inform their city energy planning.
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Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking Data
Explore how different policies would affect your city using new commercial building energy benchmarking data in the City Energy Profiles.
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2015 Renewable Energy Data Book
The Renewable Energy Data Book for 2015 provides facts and figures on renewable energy use in the United States.
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2016 Standard Scenarios Annual Report
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is conducting a study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy DOE, Office of Energy Efficiency and...
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Other Project Areas

Energy Systems & Market Barriers
What structural factors hinder adoption of EERE technologies? How will increased integration of EERE technologies impact the U.S. energy system?
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Program Evaluation
What are the quantitative, measurable impacts of EERE investments?
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