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In-Situ Sensors Provide Real-Time Measurements Enabling Better Control and Process Optimization

Current chemical process controls use few in-situ sensors, relying instead on analytic techniques that require sample conditioning and transport, and significant turnaround time. With few exceptions, these techniques lack speed of measurement, accuracy of measurement, sensitivity of measurement, and economical measurement. In-situ sensors can provide real-time measurements, enabling better understanding and control of the process and improving process optimization, product quality, and plant economics. Supported with a grant from AMO, Analytical Specialties, Inc., since acquired by Yokogawa Electric Corporation, has developed a system of in-situ sensing for more efficient process operation.

The system, called TruePeak, is a tunable diode laser analyzer that directly measures the concentration of O2, H2O, and potentially several other gasses. TruePeak measures across an infrared absorbance region, which makes it useable in high dust and corrosive environments and provides a true interference-free analysis. The system is characterized by rapid measurement (as fast as 1 second), high process pressure capability (up to 20 bar), high temperature (up to 1500°C), and no contact with the process. The system operates at the required process conditions (pressure, temperature, etc.), provides real-time or near real-time data, and significantly reduces installation and operational costs compared with currently available products.

Appropriate applications for TruePeak include combustion oxygen analysis of process heaters, furnaces, and incineration operations. The technology is also applicable to processes where reducing errors in oxygen concentration measurements can reduce plant process shutdown. The need for this technology and its measurements are driven by advances in process control systems and the need to "close the loop" in modern control systems. This rugged unit can be used in a variety of chemical process applications and can provide real-time, accurate measurements in harsh environments, which can improve process efficiency, reliability, and productivity.

TruePeak Process Laser Analyzer



Can be used for gas sensing in chemical processes.



  • Provides in-situ analysis, eliminating errors and costs associated with extractive analyzers.
  • Can be used in harsh environments.



Operates with processes up to 1500°C and 20 bar and virtually interference-free.



Reduces downtime for maintenance and provides near real-time measurements with improved accuracy for better control.


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