AMO's technical partnerships support the development and validation of technologies and practices, including continuous energy improvement and combined heat and power, to increase the productivity and competitiveness of American manufacturers and other large energy-using facilities.

Better Plants
Better Plants partners with leading manufacturers and water utilities to improve energy efficiency and competitiveness in the industrial sector.
Onsite Energy Deployment
DOE provides technical assistance and engages with stakeholders to facilitate adoption of onsite energy technologies.
Energy Management Programs
DOE provides resources to help organizations achieve energy management targets under the ISO 50001 energy management standard.
Industrial Assessment Centers
Small- and medium-sized manufacturers may be eligible to receive a no-cost assessment provided by DOE Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs).
Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Program
This program connects the most promising clean energy entrepreneurs with innovation ecosystems to support the development of game-changing technologies.
Communities LEAP
The DOE Communities LEAP (Local Energy Action Program) Pilot aims to facilitate sustained community-wide economic and environmental benefits primarily through DOE’s clean energy deployment work.

Technical Partnership Announcements